Commodore History

Year Commodore


1961 O. Ristine Honorary
1962 Kathy Burke Miss Indiana
1963 Eli Lilly Honorary Commodore for life, Prominent Figure
1964 Roger Ward Famed Hoosier Race Car Driver
1965 Spencer Pickles WOWO Top POP – Nominated by Family, Michigan State Police Detective
1966 Robert Harman, Acron WOWO Top Pop – Nominated by Son
1967 Lt. Gov. Robert Rock Honorary
Todd V. Gary, Goshen Top Pop
1968 Bud Smith Top Pop, First Director of Lakeland Youth Center
1969 Rob Rule Active in Flotilla
1970 Joe Thornburg Active in Community
1971 No Commodore Selected Lou Craig and Bob Clevenger led the Flotilla
1972 No Flotilla
1973 No Flotilla
1974 Frank Putt Active in Community
1975 Ken Harkless Artist, Rotary
1976 Ted Rogers Instrumental in Restarting the Flotilla
1977 John Sudlow Native of Syracuse and lake Wawasee
1978 Larry Griffith Part of the First Flotilla Committee
1979 Jack DeHaven Developed Pier Numbering System and Wawasee Director
1980 Lou Craig Original Founders of Father’s Day Flotilla in 1960’s
1981 Gordon “Short” McCormick One of the Instigators of First Flotilla
1982 Jean Nearing First Woman Commodore, Instrumental in Providing Property Owners Directory
1983 T.L. Bud Kline Firefighter, Assistant Chief, Active in Clubs
1984 Bill Beemer Chamber President, Flotilla Commitee, Numerous Other Organizations
1985 Mike Kiley NRC Chairman, Lawyer, Judge, Family has been Lake Residents for Close to 80 Years
1986 Wiley “Bill” Spurgeon Syracuse – Wawasee Journal Editor, WPOA President, Historian etc.
1987 John Kroh Organizing Syracuse Fireworks Number of Years, Syracuse Native
1988 Jack and Helen Alfrey President Syracuse Property Owners, President of WPOA on Various Boards
1989 Joe Hughes Fireman for 38 Years
1990 Jim Caskey Flotilla Committee for 15 Years Bank President
1991 Men and Women who Served in Operation Desert Storm, Desert Shield in Persion Golf War
1992 V. Logan Love WPOA Board of Directors, Secretary Turkey Creek Regional Sewer District, Rotarty, Lakeland Youth Center
1993 Bob McNary Flotilla Committee Since 1974, Served as Chairman, president Syracuse – Wawasee Chamber
1994 Tom Prickett Supporter of Wawasee Athletic Programs, Co-Starter of Toughlove Chapter and President Syracuse – Wawasee Rotary, Town Council Member Flotilla Committee Prioer to 1974
1995 Chris Schenkel Broadcaster
1996 Bob Knudsen Lake Association and other Organizations Relating to Water Quality, Responsible fo Recycling Program for County
1997 Doug Schrock Philanthropist
1998 Clare Baumgardt United Way Chair, VP WPOA, Habitat for Humanity, Rotary, Yacht Club
1999 Past Commodores and Top Pops Honored
2000 Harlan Steffen Boat-in Worship, Habitat for Humanity, Ministerial Association
2001 Dale Butt Chamber President and Vice President 1960’s, One of Original Nuclei of Flotilla
2002 American Flag Due to 9/11, Representatives of Fire, Police, EMS, DNR wer on Boat
2003 Jon Sroufe Served on Flotilla Committee for 20 Years
2004 Knights of Columbus Community Service Contributions
2005 Harry Appenzeller
2006 Jim Tranter Lake Patrol
2007 Ernie Rogers Coordinator of Flotilla Road Race
2008 Sam Cole Past Member Veteran
2009 Ken Robinson Ministerial Association
2010 Howard Brebeck Philanthropist